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Australia now has strict border measures in place to protect the health of the Australian community. Very limited flights are currently available to and from Australia and you may not be able to travel at this time.

All travellers arriving in Australia (including,  Australian citizens, permanent residents) are subject to mandatory quarantine for 14 days at a designated facility in their port of arrival.​ You may be required to pay for the costs of your quarantine.

Want to apply for Visa

Please contact us if you would like to apply for an Australian visa or would like more information about the entry exemptions.

Visa Processing

The Department of Home Affairs is currently prioritising processing visa applications for those travellers in the exempt categories to support urgent travel.

They encourage applicants to apply online wherever possible, as these applications will be processed faster than paper applications.

Travel requests should be submitted once the relevant visa application has been lodged and at least 2 weeks but not more than 3 months before the planned travel.

International Travel Caps

The international passenger arrivals caps are extended to manage quarantine arrangements across the various States and Territories.

The following caps apply (subject to further advice on quarantine capacity) per week:

  • New South Wales – 3,010 passenger arrivals
  • Victoria – 1,000 passenger arrivals
  • Queensland – 1,300 passenger arrivals
  • South Australia – 530 passenger arrivals
  • Western Australia – 530 passenger arrivals
  • Northern Territory – Darwin is accommodating the additional return of Australians on Government facilitated commercial services

New travel restrictions will take effect from 14 July 2021 and run until 31 August 2021, and will see the international arrivals cap fall from around 6,000 passengers per week to just over 3,000.

The temporary cap reduction will be split as follows per week:

  • New South Wales – 1,505 passenger arrivals (215 per day)
  • Victoria – 500 passenger arrivals
  • Queensland – 500 passenger arrivals (additional surge capacity of 150 per week)
  • South Australia – 265 passenger arrivals
  • Western Australia – 265 passenger arrivals

The departure ban for Australian citizens and Australian permanent residents remains in place, in accordance with the health advice to the Government.